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Our Promise:

A nourishing journey from grass to glass

We are one of the foremost dairy nutrition experts in Pakistan with a heritage of over 140 years operating in over 34 countries and owned by over 18,000 farmers globally. It is our promise to make the grass greener for the cows, the yields higher for the farmers, the growth stronger for the milk industry and a glass of milk full of natural goodness for every Pakistani. Together with you and our passion for milk, we will nourish Pakistan – for now and generations to come.

We believe sustainable dairy is the way to the future. That is why we look at how our company can constantly improve from grass to glass not only in parts, but also in its entirety. This is the complete, chain-transcending approach that characterizes us. That is why we opt for an integral sustainability approach in our purpose, in our operations and around our brands.


Our Purpose, Our Plan

We are driven by the purpose of nourishing by nature. This means we are committed to providing better nutrition for Pakistan. As the population crosses 300 million by 2050, we will be there to help feed the nation with affordable, safe and constantly improving dairy products. We are committed to realising a good living for our farmers so they can maximize their incomes by being a part of our ecosystem & contribute to the GDP. We will continue to work towards reducing our carbon footprint and make conscious contributions to achieve climate-neutral growth for now and generations to come.

Our purpose, our plan is to revolutionize the dairy landscape in Pakistan. We will lead a white revolution to provide safe, healthy & affordable dairy nutrition to Pakistan. We will actively respond to the dynamic needs of our consumers with market oriented innovations and constantly improving products through our brands. We will empower our farmers with economic stability and sustainable livelihoods through dairy development programs to ensure inclusive growth.

Roel van Neerbos, President Consumer Dairy shares the vision of FrieslandCampina for Pakistan.

Our vision is to make a difference in the everyday lives of the people on either side of our business fence. Our passion is to contribute towards a healthier and happier today to ensure a healthier and happier tomorrow, through the quintessential element of relationships amongst living beings and the miracle of nature called “milk”.


Our Legacy

With roots stretching as far back as 1871, FrieslandCampina has a rich legacy and an annual revenue of over 12 billion euros. We are one of the largest dairy cooperative in the world, based in the Netherlands. We have offices in 34 countries and employ over 23,000 people. Our products find their way to more than 100 countries around the globe. Indeed this unique fact of being owned by a cooperative of 18,000 dairy farmers colors our vision greatly. We have built strong market and brand positions based on recognizable brands and a relentless obsession with quality.

We continue this tradition in Pakistan, by investing in more sustainable supply chains, to contribute to the nutrient security of millions of consumers. Providing consumers with safe dairy nutrition, helping farmers and their families to maintain vibrant rural communities and achieving climate neutral growth. Our strong commitment to bringing this purpose to life is accompanied by our continuous efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of our sector from year to year. The greatest journeys are made with others. FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan, aided by the Government of Pakistan, our regulatory bodies, our farmers and millions of Pakistani consumers embarks on this journey. We thank you for your trust in us.

Safer, healthier & happier lives for Pakistanis - for now & generations to come.


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