150 Years of Dairy Excellence

September 08, 2021: FrieslandCampina Pakistan recently celebrated its milestone 150-year anniversary of providing superlative dairy products and nutritional excellence. The global powerhouse is one of the largest dairy cooperatives in the world and commemorated the occasion at several key locations globally and locally.

The company’s plant in Sahiwal hosted the celebrations as it is the convergence point of its farming, manufacturing, and distribution practices. The flag hoisting ceremony was followed by a plant visit and presentations, including the company’s agri-business orientation during which guests learnt about FrieslandCampina’s signature journey and heritage.

During the event, the Chief Guest, Ashifa Riaz Fatyana – Provincial Minister of Punjab for Women Development said: “It is endearing to witness the presence of FrieslandCampina’s knowledge-based value system being applied throughout the country. It has been empowering dairy farmers and equipping them with best global practices, especially our enterprising female farmers, thus facilitating them in terms of self-sustenance and their economic well-being. This being a positive step towards diversity and inclusion in a field where female entrepreneurs are rare, will impact the economy at large and encourage more women to participate and emerge as dairy experts in the long run. I am hopeful that with entities like these, we are headed in the right direction that will have a positive impact on all stakeholders throughout.”

“FrieslandCampina’s 150 years of heritage combines deep knowledge, cultured tradition, understanding rooted in experience, and the very best of technology to impact millions of lives, every day. This, combined with our ‘grass to glass’ ethos, delivers an unparalleled value proposition which aligns interests across our entire stakeholder ecosystem, and solidifies our place as an industry leader,” said Sania Sattar – Head of Corporate Communications, Sustainability & Special Projects at FrieslandCampina Pakistan, “We have several initiatives in the pipeline that will enable and empower our farmers, while ensuring that we continue to develop safe, nutritious and healthy dairy products for our consumers.”

About FrieslandCampina Pakistan:

FrieslandCampina Pakistan (previously known as Engro Foods Ltd) is a Pakistani dairy company which is a subsidiary of the multinational corporative FrieslandCampina which signed a share purchase agreement with Engro Corporation in 2016, thus acquiring major shares in its subsidiary – Engro Foods Limited. It was one of the single largest private sector foreign direct investment at the time.  The company operates two processing plants in Sukkur and Sahiwal, with its HO based in Karachi, Pakistan. Its portfolio includes well-known brands like Olper’s, Omoré, and Tarang.

FrieslandCampina Pakistan brings over 150 years of experience to the dairy landscape of Pakistan with the purpose of “transforming the health and wellbeing of Pakistanis now and for generations to come, by nourishing them through unlocking the goodness of milk from grass to glass, as well as by enhancing the livelihood of farmers.”

Through its strong foothold in the local market, FCEPL is driven towards creating sustainable supply chains, which include 116,000+ farmers and milk suppliers, a network of over 1,400 milk collection centers, two plants, a dairy farm in Nara, and an extensive distribution network with a national footprint.

The Company takes great pride in its Dairy Development Programs for farmers. Designed to ensure inclusive growth and increased prosperity, it assists thousands of farmers by improving their farm management and milk quality, through regular training in good farming practices, as well as financial aid in capital investment.

FrieslandCampina Pakistan is committed to the highest standards of hygiene, food safety and sustainability and providing safe, affordable, and nourishing dairy products to millions of Pakistanis, every day.