Engro Foods & FrieslandCampina meets Governor Sindh for empowerment of small dairy farmers

Karachi , April 2019 :
The senior management of Engro Foods and FrieslandCampina held a meeting with the Governor of Sindh, Mr. Imran Ismail at Governor House Karachi. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the need for public private collaboration to create sustainable livelihoods for small dairy farmers while also providing safe dairy products to the people of Pakistan. Currently dairy comprises up to 50% of the agriculture sector and contributes 11% to the GDP of Pakistan. Engro Foods and FrieslandCampina, with the assistance of the Government of Pakistan are determined to build the capacity of small dairy farmers to improve the overall quality and quantity of milk and create sustainable livelihoods. Engro Foods is committed to farmer empowerment through dairy development programs and to increase the overall contribution of the sector to the GDP of Pakistan. In the meeting, the Governor of Sindh stated that Government of Pakistan and Prime Minister Khan is determined to work on empowerment of small farmers to increase their income and improve their standard of living. Also discussed was the need to harmonize food standards through regulatory authorities across the country for one main vision – safer dairy products. On the occasion Mr. Ali Ahmed Khan, Managing Director Engro Foods said, “The vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan to provide safe milk to consumers and to strengthen farmers is embedded in the core purpose of Engro Foods and FrieslandCampina as the company is owned by 19,000 dairy farmers globally. We believe in providing better nutrition through safe dairy products to our consumers, we are committed to empowering the small dairy farm holders to increase their livelihoods and revolutionize the dairy sector with best farming practices to build the economy of Pakistan” Engro Foods and FrieslandCampina was represented by Mr. Roel F. Van Neerbos, President Consumer Dairy, Mr. Ali Ahmed Khan, Managing Director, Mr. Saud Ahmed Pasha Director Corporate Affairs & Agri Business and Ms. Nageen Rizvi, Head of Corporate Communications & Sustainability. The Governor Sindh along with his team were also invited to visit the processing plant and dairy farm of Engro Foods. To win the trust of the stakeholders Engro Foods has opened the doors of its processing plants to the Parliamentarians, Ministers and other key policy makers to view the entire process from grass to glass for their flagship brands like Olpers, Tarang and Omore at EFL plant sites. Engro Foods remains committed to contributing to the food and nutrient security of millions of Pakistanis.