Engro Foods goes green” Environmental Sustainability in operatioons at Milk Collection Center

Karachi, 06 July, 2018,
A trend setter in the dairy industry of Pakistan, Engro Foods Limited (EFL) has taken another step towards achieving operational sustainability, along with being environmentally responsible. EFL has gone green by converting to solar energy for business operations at their Milk Collection Center (MCC) in Sobhodero, Sindh District of Ranipur. The Milk Collection Center is now operating as a Green center.

It has benefitted the center with continuous power supply for the industrial grade milk chillers and other heavy equipment with zero power generation cost. Previously, generators and conventional electrical supply were used to run the milk collection center, which is now replaced completely with solar based energy solution.

The conversion to solar energy has translated for EFL Milk Collection Centre in achieving 30% decrease in operational cost due to zero consumption of diesel fuel. It has brought higher environmental sustainability to the business operations of the MCC. The electrical appliances being used have been converted to DC power, which are supplied electricity through the battery charged using the installed solar panels.

Mr. Ali Ahmed Khan, Managing Director Engro Foods said, ‘We are committed to reinvent in the way we operate. Operating as an environmentally responsible company is one of the key objectives of our identity. It is imperative for us to lead by example for Pakistan’s dairy industry. There is always something disruptive that can be implemented to benefit the industry as well as society.”

It is one of the key objectives of Engro Foods to reduce environmental impact along with operating sustainably. EFL teams are working relentlessly to ensure businesses operations are environmentally responsible in the communities they operate in, now and for generations to come.

The pilot project will be tested in both flush and lean seasons of the dairy industry. The model will then be replicated at other Milk Collection Centers.

About Engro Foods Limited

Engro Foods Limited (EFL), is the 2nd largest dairy company of Pakistan, it is embedded with the vision of “Nourishing by Nature”. EFL is a subsidiary of Dutch based dairy cooperative, Royal Friesland Campina, owned by 19,000 farmers and operating in 32 countries globally. Royal Friesland Campina owns controlling shares of Engro Foods Limited, a public listed company incorporated under the Companies Ordinance, 1984, with shares quoted on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. The principal activity of the Company is to manufacture, process and sell dairy products and frozen desserts. Engro Foods also owns and operates a world class dairy farm with 6,500 cows near Sukkur called “Nara Farm”. EFL’s product portfolio comprises some of the country’s biggest and best selling brands including Omore, Olper’s, Olper’s Lite, Olper’s Cream, Dairy Omung, OmungDobala, and Tarang.