Engro Foods Limited is compliant with Sindh Food Authority to bring safe dairy products to Pakistan

Sindh Food Authority (SFA) is driven to ensure food safety regulations are followed by all companies across Sindh. Engro Foods Limited (Engro Foods) and all its products are processed in accordance with SFA regulations as well as PSQCA and other international food safety regulations. This ensures that all Engro Foods products are safe for consumption. A recent news circulating about Sind Food Authority and Engro Foods has been brought to the notice of Engro Foods and the same is strongly condemned. Engro Foods has been and is committed to always be compliant to all applicable food safety regulations including but not limited to the regulations set out by the Sind Food Authority. Engro Foods is committed to working with the objective of providing safe products to its consumers. The Director General, Sind Food Authority, Mr. Amjad Ali Laghari, stated “SFA’s concern is to assure that the milk is sold and distributed as per prescribed SOP, Rules and Regulations of the Sindh Food Authority Act 2016. All the products of Engro Foods are under registration process with SFA and we are assured by the Engro Foods team of the complete fulfilment of SFA SOP as per Sindh Food Authority Act 2016.” Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Muhammad Nasir, Senior Manager Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, Engro Foods Limited stated, “Nutrition and health are one of the biggest challenges being faced by the country. The core purpose of Engro Foods is to provide better nutrition for Pakistan We are committed to continuing our efforts to improve the health of our consumers by providing good quality products that comply with all applicable food safety regulations. ”