Engro Foods Limited leads the Three Day Sahiwal Expo

Engro Foods Limited participated in the three day Sahiwal Expo, held from the 15th-17th of February at the Hockey Stadium, Sahiwal. Hosted by the Sahiwal Chamber of Commerce, the Sahiwal Expo was held after three years, providing an opportunity to businesses with a presence in Sahiwal and areas around it, to exhibit their products and services to the local community there. Engro Foods Limited was a key participant at the expo. As a purpose driven organisation, providing the growing population with the right nutrients in a sustainable way is one of the key challenges for the coming decades. By offering trustworthy, relevant and nourishing dairy products, Engro Foods aims to contribute to food and nutrient security of millions of Pakistanis. EFL gave the attendees an insight into the transparent dairy value chain and the its flagship brands through an extensive product display. The event was inaugurated by the Provincial Agriculture Minister of Punjab, Nauman Ahmed Langrial on Friday and was concluded by Advisor to the Prime Minister Mr. Razaq Dawood, on the last day. Upon interaction with the Agriculture Minister of Punjab at the opening of the event, Team EFL communicated about the company’s reach in various parts of Pakistan, which has created employment opportunities for the locals through direct hiring, distributors, milk collections and allied services. The minister showed keen interest in EFL’s product range and acknowledged efforts taken by the company in providing job opportunities to the local community. Speaking at the occasion, Saira Iftikhar from Engro Foods’s Government Relations stated, “Engro Foods Limited continues their commitment to facilitate, empower and provide a good living to the Pakistani dairy farmers. This is done through various events like The Sahiwal Expo itself through which we try to reach our audience, especially those interested in agricultural products and services. We are delighted that we participated in the Sahiwal Expo because attendees showed great interest in EFL products, especially the Olpers Liquid and Full Cream Milk Powder.” The Sahiwal Expo generated a footfall of about 4000-5000 attendees per day, including farmers, entrepreneurs and families who wanted to receive first-hand information on the numerous products available in the market. Engro Foods Limited continues to expand its reach within rural areas of Pakistan through large-scale events like these, connecting with the community in each area.