Engro Foods signs contract with Orix Leasing Pakistan

Karachi, April 16, 2011: 
Engro Foods Limited has signed a contract with ORIX Leasing Pakistan Limited for Engro Milk Automation Network (EMAN) in Multan.

An award ceremony was also held to celebrate the successful implementation of EMAN across Punjab.

Addressing the ceremony, Sarfaraz A. Rahman, CEO, Engro Foods Limited said: “EMAN is the harbinger of future commercial operations in rural areas. We plan to use the system beyond its present purpose of automation of milk collection, for banking, retailing, and creating rural commodity networks.”

EMAN is now available in all three zones of Punjab and connects 570 villages of Pakistan. EMAN has created a network of 8,000 farmers, all of them use innovative EMAN Cards to record and track real time purchase and movement of milk.