Frieslandcampina Engro Pakistan Limited and NEDAP to start strategic partnership, to power the huge potential of dairy farming in Pakistan

FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan Limited (FCEPL) and NEDAP, a multinational technology company in the Netherlands, join forces to harness the huge potential of Pakistani dairy sector with the aim of boosting operational efficiency of dairy farms and farmers’ income while increasing access to high quality and affordable dairy products for the Pakistani consumer. By planning ahead, this step can bolster the dairy industry and open up new opportunities for growth.

Sohail Sarwar, Director Agribusiness FCEPL: “The great potential of successful dairy farming in Pakistan can be realized with the assistance of NEDAP’s expertise. Through this support, our farmers can improve their production and income and provide high-quality milk to Pakistani consumers.”

This partnership will be founded on several essential components. FCEPL will offer access to its affiliated entrepreneurial dairy farmers who want to enhance their farm milk productivity and quality. NEDAP will provide them with knowledge, training, and cutting-edge technology to reach their goals.

Hakeem Serbouti, Director Sales NEDAP “By working closely with FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan Ltd, we are presented with a chance to contribute to the advancement of Pakistani dairy farming, being able to respond to the needs and challenges and supply effective solutions.”

The main priority areas will be; equipping farmers with data management and analysis tools to help gain deeper insights and facilitate effective decision making, providing feed management strategies to help ensure optimal nutrition levels for optimal animal productivity and health and providing solutions to measure and limit the environmental footprint of dairy farming.

NEDAP is one of the leading Dutch Multinational Technology companies. NEDAP helps Dairy farmers to be the best performers in the world.