Olper’s Pouch

Our mission is simple: Improving access to better nutrition.

Our flagship brand, Olper’s, is the market leader in UHT category and a household name, yet only reaches 15% of the country’s households annually. This is due to the high price premium vs loose milk -Olper’s core packs have a 70% premium vs loose milk.

Being the equity leader in dairy, Olper’s is desired by majority of consumers but they simply cannot afford it. In line with our vision of providing better nutrition to all, we had to come up with an innovative solution to reduce cost without compromising the product quality or the experience that consumers expect from Olper’s. Since packaging costs is one of the biggest contributors to variable costs, we needed to innovate in our packaging to the required cost reductions.

We developed a new pouch pack with Elecster, a Finnish packaging supplier, which offers an aseptic pouch solution which was much cheaper than our current Tetra options. The new pouch is not only affordable but also inline with current consumer habit as they buy loose milk in soft polythene bags.After a year of packaging development, product research and a two-month pilot, we launched Olper’s Rs 50 Economy Pouch in March 2021. It offers the same nutritious Olper’s milk, in a much more affordable pouch pack which reduces Olper’s premium vs loose-milk by 30 percentage-points.

Once success is proven in the medium to long run, this could pave the way for other FrieslandCampina developing market and help deliver affordable nutrition to all even beyond Pakistan.

 It is a win-win for all of us: Friesland, our retail partners and most importantly, the consumers.

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