Our Company

Company Overview:
FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan Limited is a Pakistani dairy company and a subsidiary of the Dutch multinational corporative Royal FrieslandCampina. The Company launched as Engro Foods in 2006 with our first production facility in Sukkur, Pakistan and the introduction of our flagship UHT milk brand: Olper’s. Following successful entries in the tea-whitening category with Tarang in 2007, and the ice-cream market with Omore in 2009, we entered a strategic partnership with Royal FrieslandCampina of Netherlands in 2016.

This partnership allowed us to gain access to 150 years of dairy expertise, technology, and R&D. It further advanced our efforts towards the Sustainable Development Goals we prioritise: environment, gender equality, no poverty and zero hunger. With two production facilities, in Sukkur and Sahiwal, a dairy farm in Nara, over 1300 milk collection centres and a resource network encompassing thousands of individuals, our expansive and robust footprint ensures a sustainable, efficient supply chain, knowledgeable farmers and empowered communities.

Dairy farmers are the backbone of FCEPL’s supply chain, and we take great pride in our exemplary Dairy Development Program. The program is tailored and designed to ensure inclusive growth and increased profitability by sharing knowledge and best practices for dairy farming, providing training on animal health, housing and barn design, feed and water, milk hygiene, aflatoxin control, cow signals, farm economics, and calf rearing and the environment. We also help facilitate farmer communities in obtaining subsidised loans as working capital. Our innovations draw upon our deep, global dairy expertise and are tailored specifically for local preferences and cultural adoption. With this outlook and our unique position, we are combining enterprising talent with emerging methodologies to set the foundation for the next chapter in the food-safety and nourishment story in Pakistan.

Our Purpose

The pursuit of a healthy and nourished Pakistan is a core driving force for our success. It is our promise to make the grass greener for the cows, yields higher for the farmers, growth stronger for the milk industry and a glass of milk full of natural goodness for every Pakistani. Simply put, our purpose is to transform the health and wellbeing of Pakistanis now and for generations to come, by nourishing them through unlocking the goodness of milk from grass to glass, as well as by enhancing the livelihood of farmers.

Our Partners

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