Small Farmer Empowerment via Dairy Development Programs

Improving livelihood in the value chain through creating shared value is aligned with our purpose, our plan is to revolutionize the dairy sector and empower Pakistan’s dairy farming communities. Our story has remained intertwined with the growth of the dairy sector in Pakistan. During the last decade, we have carried out a number of Dairy Development Programs (DDPs) with global development agencies that have strengthened our understanding of the dairy value chain. The knowledge we acquired has helped us in implementing DDPs which made substantial social impact to provide sustainable livelihoods to farmers and increased their contribution to the GDP of Pakistan.

The key knowledge we acquired from these projects was that men were at the forefront selling milk in the market while women were the ones who took care of the livestock in rural territories, making it essential to cater capacity building initiatives towards women.
We are proud that our Dairy Development Programs have empowered over 8,000 female dairy farmers with sustainable livelihoods in the last 5 years.

Through these Dairy Development Programs, we assist thousands of farmers by improving their farm management and milk quality. The programs share knowledge and best practices for dairy farming, provide training on animal health, housing and barn design, feed and water, milk hygiene, aflatoxin control, cow signals, farm economics, and calf rearing and the environment. We also facilitate farmer communities in obtaining subsidised loans as working capital.

Investing in small farmers increased yield per cow, higher quality of milk, higher investment in livestock nutrition & health resulting in increased income for farmers.

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