Strong Banega Pakistan

Awareness building campaign launched for safe milk on World Milk Day 2018
FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan Limited, previously known as Engro Foods Limited, is keen on initiatives for the wellness and betterment of the children of Pakistan. That is why we recently launched the Strong Banega Pakistan campaign in collaboration with the Governor Sindh, Mr. Muhammad Zubair, for the children from SOS village. An event was conducted for these children in particular on the launch of the campaign that included an awareness building session about the importance of consuming safe dairy nutrition regularly. The attendees were urged to take a pledge to consume two glasses of safe, delicious milk each day. Since the event itself was held at the Governor Sindh House, the Governor also made a donation of milk for the children of the village. This was one of the first steps wherein the public and private sector came together to promote the national agenda of providing nutrition to Pakistan. It also went a long way in highlighting the imperative need for elimination of malnutrition that leads to the alarmingly long list of stunted growth cases in Pakistani children.

Keen to make headway in making Pakistan a healthier country, the Governor Sindh appreciated the sustainability campaign, saying: “Campaigns like Strong Banega Pakistan, shows FrieslandCampina’s commitment and purpose about providing better nutrition to Pakistan for building a healthier and stronger nation. Governor Sindh said that the Government must support this initiative, in every way we can. Children are our future and fulfillment of their nutritional needs is of immense importance. A strong awareness campaign is also required to highlight the issue further. Parents must be apprised of the importance of ensuring safe drinking milk by their children. It is very unfortunate that in spite of being the 3rd largest milk producing country, Pakistan still remains the second most malnourished country in Asia. Pakistan is the world's fifth-most-populous country in the world, the children of Pakistan make 42% of its population, who need our help and support."

Mr. Ali Ahmed Khan, Managing Director of FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan Limited, further reiterated our commitment to being nourishing by nature by saying: “We are committed to provide safe dairy nutrition through our brands to the consumers. The low-consumption of safe and healthy milk among children has resulted in leaving half of Pakistani children malnourished and stunted their growth. Our campaign is an effort to build awareness about the gravity of malnutrition and being one of the market leader in Pakistan’s dairy industry, we have assumed the responsibility to build this awareness. We believe when the children of our nation are healthy, the future of our nation will be strong”.

Unprocessed milk is commonly consumed in the Pakistani markets, but the damages that it causes are not as well known. Unprocessed, open milk that is easily accessible all over Pakistan is high in aflatoxin levels, making it hazardous for consumption. It has led to a number of cases of liver failure and cancer, but a large percent of its consumers are unaware of the health issues connected to them. This milk can be directly connected to the cases of stunted growth and malnutrition in the children of Pakistan, and needs drastic measures to be addressed. FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan Limited proudly launched this initiative as a means to make safe dairy consumption more common, and were represented by the Pakistan Leadership team at the event. This included Mr. Ali Ahmed Khan Managing Director, Mr. Imran Hussain CFO, Mr. Haseeb Rahman Director Marketing, Mr. Usman Abid Director Human Resources and Ms. Nageen Rizvi Head of Corporate Communication.

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