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June 2022

“Pakistan is the world’s third-largest dairy nation, with over 47 million tonnes of milk produced each year. A large chunk of dairy is consumed in morning occasions as dairy products form an integral part of an average Pakistani breakfast spread. FrieslandCampina’s Olper’s milk enjoys a market share of 53.7% in the packaged milk segment. With the aim to further market penetration and strengthen our association with mornings, an Innovations team at FrieslandCampina led a project focusing on nutritious mornings, discovering insights which enabled FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan (FCEPL) to introduce a new category in the Olper’s portfolio.

Farooq Soomro, Head of Digital Media Insights and an integral part of the Innovation team, elaborates on FCEPL’s journey to launch its newest product in the Pakistani market.

“Dairy makes a huge part of drinking occasions in the form of tea, coffee, and milkshakes. However, in food occasions, dairy plays a limited role at 8%. Interestingly, nearly half of all food occasions contained bread (47%) and it was evident that Pakistanis love to include all kinds of bread in their morning routine.”

“This became our point of intervention. Instead of trying to compete with bread, we decided to explore how dairy and bread can become an ideal breakfast combination.”

Pakistanis consume several types of bread, from white bread to traditional parathas. “We wanted to introduce a novel category in Olper’s that would cater to morning occasions, blend with several types of bread, and provide nutrition to Pakistanis. Thus, we embarked on our mission to bring nutrition of milk to all breads!”

“With the insight that consumers can meet nutrition needs by pairing their favorite type of bread with a variety of spreads, we developed a robust innovation pipeline of dairy spread.”

Olper’s cheese, with its tagline – breakfast ki jaan – which loosely translates to adding life to breakfast – offers a nutritious, exciting, and convenient breakfast solution for Pakistani families.

“Leveraging the brand positioning of Olper’s happy and nutritious mornings, we strategically linked Olper’s Cheese to Olper’s milk with a simple equation – One glass of milk = One slice of cheese.”

“Cheese is the first of our morning-based dairy innovations in the foods category. Our mission to bring nutrition to breads will not stop at Olper’s Cheese. We have defined bread as our growth platform for the future and are looking into other opportunities in coming years like cheese spreads, butter and perhaps even beyond – with the end goal of bringing many Olper’s Happy Mornings for our consumers!”

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