Value Creation for Farmers

We are committed to serving the communities we operate in. This value creation becomes evident in various ways, for example PKR 125 billion has been paid to date to the dairy farmers of Pakistan as direct income which has created sustainable livelihoods for them. We also facilitated our famer communities to obtain subsidized loans as working capital to purchase cows. In 2020, 461 farmers were facilitated with PKR 664 million and in 2019, 105 farmers were facilitated with PKR 220 million.

Our value creation towards building the farmer and surrounding communities continues with our investment in these communities. This includes our investments in the School Adoption Program and Sehat Markaz (Health Centre) near our production facilities to provide the opportunity of education and subsidized medical care to the surrounding communities.

FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan supports six schools near our production facilities (2 near Nara Farm in Sindh and 4 schools near Sahiwal plant), which are empowering 1,700+ students with education. Our Sehat Markaz (Health centre) has assisted 8,000+ patients with medical care. Our initiatives for farmer communities are in line with five UN Sustainable Development Goals, i.e., partnerships for the goals, sustainable cities and communities, good health and well-being, quality education and reduced inequalities.

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