Winning Trust through Transparency – Engro Foods Sahiwal opens its doors for Sardar Faisal Hayat Jabwana, Advisor to CM Punjab for Livestock & Dairy

Karachi , April 2019 :
Engro Foods Limited, (EFL) believes in winning trust through transparency, Sardar Faisal Hayat Jabwana, advisor to Chief Minister, Punjab on Livestock, Dairy Development and his team visited Engro Foods’ Sahiwal Plant. The purpose of this visit was to view the processes followed by Engro Foods for the products offered to the consumers. Engro Foods team maintained complete transparency and showed Mr. Jabwana and his team the entire process adopted by EFL from grass to glass for processing of their brands Olpers, Tarang & Omore. The team viewed the procedures and gained complete understanding of the operations. From milk procurement procedures to quality checks at the milk collection centers and processing at the plant, the team was impressed to see the best international practices adopted by Engro Foods in their supply value chain and production. Sardar Faisal Hayat Jabwana, advisor to CM and his team were impressed to see the international standards of operations employed for food safety and quality by Engro Foods. On this occasion, Sardar Faisal Hayat Jabwana, Advisor to Chief Minister Punjab stated, “It was a pleasure visiting the Engro Foods Limited, Sahiwal plant. Malnutrition & stunting is directly and indirectly linked with livestock and dairy is one of the most important parts of livestock sector. In accordance with the Prime Minister’s vision and as per his directions, I am visiting different facilities to view the processes adopted in various facilities. In Punjab, we will be initiating a pilot project where we will move towards a ban on loose milk to stop the adulteration of milk and provide people with the safe and best quality milk. I am satisfied and pleased to see that Engro Foods follows international standards of food safety and processing. Olpers is 100% pure milk, full of nutrition. The processes and hygiene conditions adopted by Engro Foods for milk collection and processing are in accordance with international food safety measures. Seeing this myself has built my trust in their products and I highly commend the team of Engro Foods, which is determined to play their role in providing safe and better nutrition to Pakistan. ”

Syed Saud Ahmed Pasha, Director Agri Business & Corporate Affairs said, “We are driven to provide Pakistan with better nutrition through safe dairy products. Engro Foods has an unwavering commitment to food safety & quality. We are determined to play our role by offering safe dairy nutrition to our consumers and counter the crisis of malnutrition in Pakistan”. Advisor to the CM and his team appreciated EFL’s commitment to nutritional safety and the quality standards of dairy products offered by Engro Foods.